Spotted hyena dad Zoltan with cub (by katka789)


Thought I’d put these all up in one spot, all of these are available as posters, they measure at around 18”x 24” in size with slight variations, and can now be bought for $25, with an additional shipping and handling fee (about $5).  If you’re interested, you can go ahead and message me which one, or however many, you’d like, give me an address to send it to, and then put the payment in my PayPal (the email is  If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask, I’m happy to help.  Thanks for the love on these!


Aaaand here’s all ten Ohio Biomes spreads, sunrise to sunset!  I’m not sure I can put into words how much I learned from this experience- from crash courses in texture rendering to communicating with printers -but I’m delighted to have been a part of it. And thank you all for the touching feedback over the past two weeks- it’s been a joy. :)

I’ll post some updates to this blog when the free educator’s/standalone edition of this magazine is printed and distributed- I need to work out a few kinks regarding regional orders and the like.  Again, thank you for the kind words, all!


an animated commission, pirate style!!


Pudge (by

one of my illustration classes already sent out the syllabus for the semester aaah im so nervous im finally…doing the big senior competition thing that has a reception and gallery showing and everything…AAA MY FINAL YEAR OF SCHOOL STARTS NEXT WEEK..


by Claus-Metzger 
Slayer - Slayer-Raining Blood.mid
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Slayer-Raining Blood.mid

Slayer - Raining Blood



Someone doesn’t like cute hats today~


spooky jumper compilation for sweater sunday :3

check my blog for more colours!! xx

getting ready to pack my clothes and sighs as i can’t wear any of this in the way i want, only underneath my black floppy hoodie


ma chienne, bull-terrier by reika.i on Flickr.